About Me

Mahsan Niknam

Hello friends and dear companions,I am Mahsan Niknam, born in 1366 in Mashhad, Iran.My interest in painting began during my childhood years.At the age of 12, I started academic design at the studio of a renowned teacher.After that, I continued my studies in painting at (Name of Art School) under the guidance of esteemed teachers such as Mr. Homayoon Hesampour and Mr. Termehchi.In 1380, I was accepted into the Department of Visual Arts, including design, painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, etc., at Sura University.During my studies at the Art University, I had the privilege of learning from professors such as Mr. Hossein Talebi, Mr. Hossein Sabaghian, Mr. Reza Khalili, and Mr. Gholamhossein Sohrabi. In my final years at the art school, I achieved notable successes in the field of painting, including:

  • First place nationally and provincially in painting at the Dialogue of Civilizations Festival in 1379.
  • Third place nationally in painting at the Festival of Visual Arts in 1380.
  • First place provincially in painting at the Ershad Festival in 1381.
  • In (year), I started my university thesis on introducing traditional costumes of Iranian ethnic groups. After a five-year break from the art world, I resumed my artistic activities, including:
    • Creating paintings for sale and exhibition.
    • Wall paintings in collaboration with municipalities, kindergartens, and schools.
    • Seven illustrated children's books, three of which were published in educational books by the Ministry of Education.
    • Participation in several group exhibitions in Iran and various countries (England, Italy, Turkey, USA) (Please provide exhibition names, dates, and exact locations).
    • Solo exhibition titled "Dast Bardar" (Hand Withdrawal) at Ghayemi Gallery in Mashhad, Iran, in Shahrivar 1400.
    Currently, due to my great interest in body tattooing, I am working in Istanbul, Turkey.If you wish to order paintings, interior and exterior wall paintings, or tattoo design and implementation, you can reach me through the provided social media links. Thank you for your kind companionship. 🙏

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